Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spoiler Alert - March Stampeaz Invoice Image

Warning: I had to get more than a bit verbose in order to give you time to decide whether or not you wanted to continue and see the spoiler image I will be using for orders placed in March, or not.  If you're planning to order soon and want a surprise, don't continue.  If you have no plans to place an order, no spoilage will occur, since it won't matter to you.  In either case, read on at your peril!  

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't posted a lot related to Stampeaz or carving in the blog recently, so I will attempt to remedy that and intersperse some product news and carving related content among the various wanderings in nature, exploits in the kitchen and adventures with Baloo that normally appear in these online musings.  

With that in mind, I will begin with carving content and an idea I hatched this morning while puttering around the Stampeaz shop space in my basement.  I am going to post an image of this month's invoice image.  It was a set of carvings I originally did for a "Thank You Berry Much" card I wanted to send in appreciation for a lovely gift of homemade raspberry jelly I received.  (It was absolutely delicious!)   Before I washed the ink off these carvings and put them away, I thought it would be fun to use them to thank my customers berry much, too.  

While I usually print the images I send out with orders directly on the invoice or packing slip that I include with the package, this time the raspberries will be inserted into the package in a postcard-ish form.  I'm doing it this way, since smooth Bristol card stock allows me to make a cleaner print and it's a little bit easier to register the three blocks forming the picture when I can reference a corner of the page while printing.  To top off the benefits, it will also already be cut out and ready to go, just in case you put the invoice images in your logbook, instead of directly into your wastebasket!  :)

These raspberries are based on a botanical picture I found and printed in light green, red and violet to render the final image.  I like the shading the purple gives on top of the red berries, how it morphs almost to black on top of the green and stays purple for the prickers along the stems.  I hope you enjoy it!  


Anonymous said...

I surely appreciate this! I have ordered twice and enjoyed the stamp on the invoice but was not sure otherwise what I should do with it.

I know lots of LB folks have 'been there done that' but since I am relatively new I hope that new interest and new blood are appreciated.

Thank you.

Webfoot said...

Thanks, Cecilia57! I don't know whether or not you know this, but you can log your invoice images on AQ, as well as put them into your logbook, if you want to keep them. Just look under the "Other" category in Webfoot's plants and search for the image you've got. Sometimes it's a little tricky, as I like to make it a fun hunt, but you can always ask for clues, if you get stuck! So, if you haven't already logged the two you have, look them up and claim your finds! :)