Thursday, March 24, 2016

Inky Stuff

I thought I would share a little new product information for Stampeaz, since there's some fun inky stuff to tell you about.  

First, there are some new Kaleidacolor colorways.  Two that I find appealing are Vineyard and Denim.  These are probably my favorites of the new offerings because I walk Baloo past a couple vineyards every day and I enjoy the colors as they change through the seasons.  And I'm kind of a denim girl - I'll choose comfort over fashion just about every time.  I know, I know.  I like sweatshirts and flannel, too.  

The other really good bit of news is that there are now inkers available to refresh Versafine Onyx Black and Vintage Sepia pads.  Tsukineko has maintained that the Versafine pads didn't need to be reinked, but I am delighted that they reconsidered, at least with these two popular colors.  I use a lot of their Onyx Black, since it prints such a nice, solid black without gumming up the details in the carving, itself, even after a number of prints.  I hope they will add the other colors to the Versafine inker collection in days to come, but this is a great start, as far as I am concerned!


Jeanne said...

Yay for the reinkers. I love versafine's vintage sepia.

Anonymous said...

My black Versafine gets a ton of use. Good news on the reinkers!

The V's said...

My signature stamp uses the Kaleidoscope palate in shades of blue. The fact I can reink it is such a huge help!!!