Monday, February 29, 2016

Wings of Winter - Part 2

The Blue Bird Contingent...

I saw this fellow and a number of his friends flitting about in Baloo's favorite field - in the middle of January.  I have no idea what they are finding to eat, but they all look healthy and happy.  

Here's a little closer picture of the same bluebird.  I tried to sneak up without frightening him off.  Of course, it may have been the big, black dog that caused him to feel threatened...  Or the funny mechanical eye that kept staring at him.  

Not a bluebird, but a blue bird, this blue jay liked snacking at the fat feeder.  My blue jay visitors don't often cling to the suet hanger, but when it gets really cold, they want the fuel for keeping warm.  

Another chilly, snow covered rascal is guarding the sunflower heart feeder.  The snow was swirling around and dusting blue feathers with white. 

Here's another photo of the same bird all fluffed up against the wind.  I liked how the snow created a sort of sparkle eye shadow effect.  Very fetching.  

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