Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wings of Winter - Part 6

A big flock of cedar waxwings flew in to devour all the berries and crab apples still left in the neighborhood. 

Every tree in my front yard was loaded with birds.  

My little crab apple tree was a particular favorite. 

These birds can be pretty acrobatic as they reach for tidbits to eat.  

They are fast - and really shy.  If they see any movement (like me sneaking up with the camera in hand), they immediately fly off.  

They never stop moving for long. They flit in, grab an apple and fly off again.  

I have loved the sleek feathers and masked faces since I was a child.  

Once they have eaten everything in the area, they move on to denude any fruit left in the next spot.  

Yes, my Christmas lights are still up in February.  It's hard to take them down when the wires are buried under crusted snow.  Besides, they're cheerful.    

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Okie Dog said...

I just love those birds, too. Had a flock come to my bird bath one year, so exciting to see that many at one time. So beautiful. I even made an LTC of one for a swap long ago. Favorite. Pics are great, thanks for sharing.