Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The 'Munks Have Left the Hermitage

Baloo is in brave hunter heaven!  Everywhere we go these days, chipmunks are venturing out of their winter quarters. 

They scamper across stone piles.

They sun on boulders beside the bay.

They bask on leftover sawn logs 

And in beams of sunlight penetrating deep into the woods warming hermitage doorsteps.  

Of course, large dogs and humans with cameras can cause anxiety, even for the most intrepid of the wood-wise. 

This little rascal decided to head back into its safe haven.  Just the fuzzy wisp of a tail remains to be seen in the doorway.  


lou p otter said...

My brother keeps a special wood pile just for the little critters. He put out seed just for them.

Webfoot said...

They're cuties, aren't they? I like the dedicated wood pile idea. We used to train chipmunks when we were children - they would retrieve peanuts right out of our pockets (or our hands). We had to stop when they caused too much havoc with building foundations and stinky nests!