Monday, March 28, 2016

Yellow Beauties

I met a new flower while walking with Baloo.  Although he frequently points out items of interest like meadow mice, ducks, turtles and ground squirrels, he seldom takes much notice of the flora side of things, finding hunting for the fauna much more enticing.  He does, however, (usually) wait patiently for me to photograph discoveries along the way - both his and mine (though all bets are off on the mice and ground squirrels - if he sees them, they're considered fair game and it's hard to rein him in).   

After a short research session, I learned these little beauties are called winter aconite or, to give them their proper name, eranthis hyemalis. They are early blooming bulbs that grow low to the ground and are a vibrant contrast to the leaf duff and last year's grasses.  

Aren't they pretty?  The flowers perch right atop the leaf whorls, almost as if they're wearing lacy, green collars.  

These yellow crocus are popping up in the rock garden next door.  Spring is so much fun, since something new is budding, blooming or bursting from the earth every day.  

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