Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visits and Gifts...

I'm so excited!! My sister is visiting (also helping me get more organized and catch up at stampeaz.com)! We took inventory today and the numbers in the online store now actually match what I have in stock. Inventory is much easier to take with two people than it is to do alone, so I really appreciated the help!

On the way south, she and her husband stopped by to visit my brother and sister-in-law (and Cheeken and Kizzie) and they were given a gift from Cheeken to bring along with them!! Cheeken has been laying an egg nearly every single day and they are very cute -- little, brown eggs with dark brown freckles on them!! There were a couple new daffodil blooms in the front yard, so I put the eggs into a basket and took a picture with them -- it seemed a fitting image for the changing seasons.

I got a note from my sister-in-law the other day -- Cheeken took her first bath since the warmer weather began to arrive. She likes dust baths, as you might remember from last May. Well, there isn't a lot of dust at this time of year, so she ended up taking a mud bath, instead. I'm given to understand that the feathers caked with heavy, black mud did not do positive things for the freshly cleaned house (nor did they do much for her freshly cleaned and newly bedded cage). Good thing she's such a charming chicken, huh?? Also, her new favorite food is canned pears - she seems to get intense cravings for specific foods when she's in egg production mode! One day she demands tomatoes and the next it's canned pears.