Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Signs of Spring - Sing It!

All around the neighborhood, birds are staking out territories and pairing up for nesting.

Baloo and I heard this beautiful songster in the big field where we walk most mornings.  He was hard to get close enough for much of a picture, since he was so shy and kept flitting from bush to bush, just out of good photo range.  


We did manage to get near enough for this nice shot of the bright yellow meadowlark's breast with the black bib as distinctive as his song, even though his face isn't very clear.  

Grackles choose the very tip-tops of the tallest spruce trees in the area.   

The red-winged blackbirds like the spruce tops, too, but they don't care quite as much about height.  

It's so entertaining to watch them get all ruffled up before erupting into song.  

Finches are pairing up and claiming their own little territories.  These two have chosen a copse of densely growing spruce across the street from me.  I'll be alert for signs of nest building!

Even the normally squabbling starlings have taken a romantic turn and perch in the treetops to sing (among swelling buds, I notice).  

They fly from tree to tree to delineate the boundaries of their home turf. 

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