Friday, March 4, 2016

Wings of Winter - Part 4

Mallards gather in areas with open water (there's way more of that this year than last year!). They dabble in the shallows and hang around on the shoreline ice.  

This quartet found a particularly sheltered spot.  One of the things I really noticed about this crew was the brilliant color of some of their bills.  Two were a sort of standard yellow and two were a really vibrant orange.  

These Canada geese were grazing on a hillside beside the bay where the wind scours the snow off the grass.  I particularly enjoyed the effect of the rising sun glowing on the eastern side of the pine trunks.  It was beautiful!

Of course, they found Baloo a little bit intimidating, so they flew off into the bay, but gave me a great view of the island in the background, so I wasn't too disappointed.  

Then, three more flew in from up the bay to join the group - er... gaggle.

And landed in their midst.  Baloo was pretty much transfixed by this development.    

After our nice morning walk, Baloo took a nap in his bed under the piano while I had a cup of tea and some breakfast.

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