Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gnarly, Man!

As Baloo and I were walking along the road by the bay, we saw this lichen-covered gnome chatting with a piece of driftwood.  In the dappled sunlight, these two gave rise to a bit of fanciful imagining.  

The piece of driftwood almost looks like a miniature winged dragon talking earnestly with its friend. The gnome is so bleached of color and dotted with lichen growth that I didn't notice what it was at first - I thought it was another piece of driftwood until the face suddenly popped out at me. It brought to mind tales of magical creatures materializing out of boulders and tree stumps.  Baloo and I clearly caught these two in mid-shift.  

The receding snow in the park where we sometimes walk revealed these wonderfully gnarly roots. The growths continue all the way up the trunk of this very stately oak.  

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