Saturday, February 17, 2018

Honkers and Fast Track Travelers

No, this is not a post about road rage.

Baloo and I enjoyed a lovely snowshoe trek around the state park at the end of the peninsula. We rarely see anyone else out on the trails, but occasionally someone will meet us along the way. Usually, they meet us head on, since Baloo sets a brisk pace (except for occasional forays to sniff bunny trails and other interesting side notes) and unless they're on mountain bikes, they don't usually catch up with us. 

This cross-country skier, however, quietly pulled up behind us and zipped right along on his way, leaving us to our slower mode of travel. It was nice to see someone else out enjoying the beautiful, snowy day.

As we returned to the parking area, there was a lot of noise coming from the farm across the street. Of course, Baloo and I had to go and investigate. There were several geese honking and creating quite a cacophony. I'm not sure what had ruffled their feathers, but they were definitely standing on their dignity and demanding the respect that was their due.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Winter Gold

No, not the Olympics. I'm thinking about the goldfinches that flit through the branches and weeds out in the big field looking for seeds and other goodies to eat.

The bright yellow of their summer plumage is muted to a golden brown, for the most part.

But the energetic flutters of  black and white wings are still quite striking.

Not to mention the dramatic poses (I just love the little toes gripping the twigs, don't you?). This last fellow looks ready to take wing - after imitating the leaf sticking out on the left.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Big Freeze

Just a week or so ago, ducks were still paddling around in open areas on the bay. 

These two are surrounded by slushy little ice floes, but are still finding enough open water to navigate and feed.

The ducks are all gone now, though. The bay has officially frozen over and ice fishing has begun. Baloo and I saw a man pulling his equipment out onto the ice in a big sled while we were out walking yesterday morning. 

It's odd to see the vast, flat stretch of white snow, instead of the usual blues, greens and grays of the bay. I just love that every season and every day bring something new to experience.