Friday, March 23, 2018

Technicolor Isn't Everything

Who doesn't enjoy the colorful cardinals and finches? But, take a closer look - the less dramatic black and white birds have a lot going for them, too. 

This female downy woodpecker was taking advantage of the freshly smeared peanut butter log. I love the combination of spots and stripes marking her wings. The eye stripes are pretty bold, too.

The juncos were just so picturesque in the serviceberry tree, all fluffed up to keep the cold at bay. It was nice to see them back again for a while. When the snow started disappearing from the ground, they disappeared, too. They'll go their own way when it gets warmer, but in the meantime, I'll enjoy watching them take advantage of the daily handouts.

The tree they're perching in is tucked into a northeast inset corner of my house, so that it's sheltered from the west wind. That must have been a big part of its appeal on this particular morning, because it isn't overlooking any of the feeding stations and the berries are long gone. 


Patricia Mahanes said...

Those little Juncos are my favorite winter birds!!! They are so cute and such happy little guys.

Patricia Mahanes said...
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Webfoot said...

Hi, Patrica! The juncos are favorites of mine, too. Those little guys and the chickadees are just so much fun to watch. They poke around and get into everything. I always miss the juncos when they head back into the bush.