Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Modified Speedball Cutters

This post is long overdue.  What with moving and all, I sort of forgot about these until someone mentioned that they heard I had them.  So I went hunting, located them and took some pictures... finally!

These are Speedball Cutters that Kirbert has modified the same way that he modified the old Staedtler ones (yes, I have unearthed those, too, and will see if Kirbert still wants to modify them for me).  

This is the #1 miniaturized cutter.  The top of the cutting end has been ground down to allow for a much better view of exactly what (and where) you're cutting and a smaller tip to get into those really hard to reach places.  Do not confuse this with the so-called .5 blades that some people pinch - these have not been squeezed to narrow the valley of the blade, just made a lot more versatile for fine work. 

This is the #1 reversed cutter.  Look at how the top of the V is angled back from the point. This is a fine blade for getting into tight inside corners.  Shallow cuts are a must with this cutter, but it is a real help when carving letters.  I had to get used to this angled blade - it's easy for me to bury in the carving block if I don't keep my cuts shallow enough.  

This is the #2 miniaturized cutter.   Just like the #1 mini, the top of the V has been ground down to give better control and visibility - just with a slightly larger tip.  

Finally, this is a #4 miniaturized.  Once again, the top has been ground down to give a shallower, squared edge for removing larger areas, while still allowing the visibility needed to control how close you want to get to the image lines.  

I have a limited number of these to begin with, but if they look like they're going to be popular, I'll get another batch sent off to Kirbert for modification.  I sort of wanted to see what people were most interested in before getting too many of any one modification made, so I'll be watching how it goes.  


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the pinched .5 blades? They're narrower and shorter for fine work. To get narrow lines, you have to have a sharp narrow blade. Just a thought.

Webfoot said...

Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried pinching the blades, but too many of them crack along the way - I'm clearly no good at it! I don't think Kirbert likes to do those, either, so I don't have a source for them. If you know anyone who would like to modify .5 blades for me, I'd be delighted to know about it. :)