Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Little Art, a Little Nature, a Smidge of History

Baloo and I took a walk near the botanical park, the community gardens and through what used to be the campus of the state mental hospital.  It is a beautiful area, with historic architecture and lovely natural areas. Deservedly on the National Register of Historic Places, it has now been repurposed from its original use and rescued from decay by transformation into shops, restaurants and deluxe senior housing.  

This deer family by sculptor John Goss stood on the grounds not far from where we started our rambles. 

It was hard to see the fawn in the bigger picture, so I took a close-up of it - spots and all.

Crossing over a wetland area, I was dazzled by the iridescent glow as the sun caught the feathers of this mallard drake.  The feathers are so smooth and the almost metallic effect makes him looks like another statue, but he really was in mid-waddle - and curiously unperturbed by a large, black dog with human in tow.  


Anonymous said...

Those deer are the perfect place to leave a letter box....a tiny magnetic one just inside. We left one like that (just inside)on a metal horse sculpture was there for years :)

Webfoot said...

Very true. There are several such ideas in my nefarious plans and a series in the making of Baloo's favorite walks. :)