Thursday, April 7, 2016

Weather Retort

The weather report doesn't often make me laugh, but this morning was pretty humorous.  I listen to the news on the radio while going through the ritual of preparing to feed and walk Baloo. Today, the poor fellow announcing the weather and local news between segments of national programming was trying desperately to come up with different ways to say it was going to snow.  Light snow today, chance of snow tomorrow, snow likely on Saturday, snow predicted for Sunday, and so on....  What can I say?  It made me chuckle, but I had to give him extra credit for creativity.  

The robins seem thoroughly disgusted with the turn of events, although they were still singing "cheerio" when I took Baloo for his sunset walk last night.  I chopped up some apple for the ones trying to find morsels to eat in my yard.  I hope it improves their outlook.

The birds are eating me out of house and home - or at least out of sunflower hearts and peanut butter! The finch contingent would do pretty well at sharing...

...until feathers got ruffled and squabbles ensued. 

Even the downy woodpecker took to defensive posturing to keep others away from the little seed dish - which has been even more popular than the larger feeders, surprisingly.  

Baloo had this to say about snow continuing well into April.  He still wants to go on his walks, but he really appreciates a good rub with a towel when we return from our rambles.  

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Anonymous said...

awesome photos that gave me a smile :)