Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Couple of Couples

Weather permitting, I usually load Baloo into the car with me when I make a trip to town, allowing us to take advantage of different walking routes and scenery between errands.   This trip, we took a walk around the Civic Center loop, where we found this tribute to love, which obviously conquers the chill, since it had melted a bit before we found it. I liked the play of light and shadow. 

As if the suggestion of amour in the air - er... snow... - was an inspiration to them, we discovered these two gray squirrels (one of them in black phase) doing a courtship dance in a stately oak.  

They took a break from their pas de deux as we passed, taking at least as much interest in Baloo as he took in them.  

Arriving at home late in the afternoon, we found this finch couple on an early dinner date.  

They even paused to say, "seed" for the camera.  

Clearly, April snows can't keep the warmth of love at bay!

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