Saturday, April 30, 2016

Field and Scream

Not far from our house is a large field that was preserved by the same land conservancy group that I mentioned in my last post.  It's a great group and I'm grateful people with vision began it years ago and sustain it today - and I'm proud to have joined their ranks.  

Baloo and I wander through the field at least once daily.  He avidly sniffs for voles, rabbits and ground squirrels - I just enjoy whatever decides to present itself on any given visit.  

The bright epaulets on this red-winged blackbird really stand out as he sings his territorial revile in the morning.  When a sunbeam catches those feathers, they positively glow!

The meadowlarks continue to be wary of our presence, so photographs are difficult with these shy birds.  I love to hear them singing to each other from different parts of the field. Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to all the different bird songs surrounding me. 

And sometimes my eyes are jerked back open by screams!  The blue jay you can barely see to the right of center and about half way up this picture is squawking at the young bald eagle perching just below him and to the left.  The eagle's tail feathers are just turning white, as is its head.  It looks a little bit mottled now, but will be absolutely magnificient before long. It was already pretty impressive flying past us and onto another (perhaps more peaceful) perch.

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