Wednesday, April 27, 2016

All Gulls, All the Time

Seagulls are pretty common along the bay, so I watch their antics on a regular basis while out walking.  They perform aerial acrobatics, perch on rocks, squabble along the shore - or try to hobnob with the ducks.  

Baloo and I walked up by the lighthouse one misty morning not long ago and nearly every rock that breached the surface of the water, even by a tiny bit, had a seagull (or several) standing atop it. I guess that the foggy, drizzly air was just too thick to make flying attractive. This is just a small sample of the perched population that day - there are lots of rocks off the shore there.

Later on and further down the peninsula, the air had cleared leaving a beautiful, glass calm surface mirroring this basking gull.

I love how the bay changes personality with the atmospheric shifts and winds - every day is a different experience. On this afternoon, the gulls were shooting along the ridges of whitecap waves. They reminded me of surfers - just in the air. They'd alight for a minute on the beach and then follow the waves again.  I expect they were probably hoping for tasty mussels or fish to wash up along the shore, but they looked like dedicated beach bums playing in the surf.

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Dawn Massie said...

Great shots! I love gulls. I like to hear their cries and watch them fly. It's also fun when there's a row of posts and you see a gull perched atop every one.