Thursday, April 14, 2016

Snowy Sparrows

Barring even more late snows, these should be the last of the pictures featuring fluffy white stuff you should have to endure from me for a while.  Unless, of course, I take a sudden interest in cotton batting or pillow stuffing...

Sparrows are right up there with the juncos, chickadees and other unassuming feathered critters - I really enjoy watching their earnest, busy antics.  There have been several different varieties migrating through the area. 

This song sparrow took full advantage of sunflower heart handouts.

I am amply rewarded by beautiful music. 

The white-crowned sparrow had me confused for a while, because I wasn't sure it was supposed to be here, but I am assured that they come through with the other sparrows every year.  Sadly, they don't stick around to nest, but that makes their short visits even more special.
I also have a sweet tree sparrow flitting around the yard, but it dives into the middle of a bush every time I reach for the camera.  It's a shy little rascal - I'll have to keep trying. 

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