Saturday, June 3, 2017

Red Wings

Baloo and I took an evening walk to a spot where we could stop and look out over a protected wetland area and watch for movement in the bushes and trees around us (more pictures from the outing to come...).

There was a pair of red winged blackbirds feeding and preening in the sunset light.  You can easily see the red patch on the male's shoulder, even though it is partly obscured by the foliage.

His mate is not quite as colorful, but she's quite as striking in her own more subtle style. She prefers the neutral shades to the showier ones.

So, why did I choose to highlight these not so terribly exotic birds with pictures that were taken at dusk, so they're not as clear as they could be? Because, I got lucky and happened to capture an image of the male as he took flight toward his lady love. Isn't he magnificent?

The whole walk and evening's observation topped off a lovely day - Baloo thought so, too, as he sat quietly and listened to the sounds of singing frogs and other interesting creatures.   

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