Tuesday, June 20, 2017

By the Beautiful (Inland) Sea

Baloo and I took a walk along the shore near the lighthouse and I was enchanted by the many flowers blooming in the sand right at the water's edge (Baloo, on the other hand, was enchanted by fishy smells and who knows what else!).

False Solomon's Seal always reminds me of palm fronds until it opens completely and becomes less rigid.  This specimen is halfway between the stiff, palm-like quality and the softer arching look it takes on when fully mature.

This beach dweller was new to me and I had to look it up (I always like to be formally introduced to any new plants or creatures that I meet, so that I can call them by their proper names). This pretty little plant is a silverweed. They seemed to grow in colonies, spreading by sending out roots and sprouting new plants from them.

Along the edge of the beach, as we were reentering the forest, we found a lovely patch of wood betony, which is a revered herbal remedy that is recorded back at least as far as the middle ages, where an old Italian proverb advises one to, "Sell your coat and buy betony,", since it was widely considered a magic cure for many ailments.

I often find that if I'm not very careful, I learn something new every day!

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Shooz/Tammy said...

Those are lovely photos! And now I have learned something new today, thanks for
passing on some interesting knowledge!