Thursday, June 8, 2017

Foggy, Foggy Brew

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful late Spring day with a few puffy thunderheads piling up along the horizon, but otherwise sunny skies.

A perfect day for sailing (or hiking with Baloo, in my case).

Oddly, as we were walking along, the forest suddenly filled with a grayish smokiness. I couldn't smell any fire and the temperature was dropping, so I didn't worry about it - just enjoyed the odd effect of the trees getting all soft in the misty air.

When we emerged from the woods and wound our way back toward home, there was a cloud rolling right down the middle of the road. Cars were suddenly appearing out of a dense fog and outrunning the cloud that finally enveloped us as it blew south.

As I drove along with the mist, I could see another strip of fog over the bay. So, I drove to the scenic overlook to see what it might look like from there.

It is hard to describe the effect and the pictures don't begin to do it justice, but you can see that the sky is a lovely expanse of blue and the only cloud runs right down the middle of the bay with clear sailing on either side. The island was partially shrouded in mist, too, but not completely. Very eerie and beautiful.

Lots of other people stopped at the overlook to admire the view, too!

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