Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nosegays and Nectar

Well, they're pretty well finished now, but I always love the lilacs, so I thought I would post them anyway! 

There are beautiful lilac bushes peppered all along a number of our favorite walks. I always have to stop and stick my nose into the fragrant blossoms as we pass (Baloo noses underneath, hoping for a whiff of bunny or ground squirrel).

When I was a very small, we had a big lilac growing in our back yard and it had a lovely little open area underneath that an imaginative child could turn into a fragrant drawing room for teas, or a secret cave to hide in. I also remember sipping the nectar from the base of the flowers. It was so sweet!

Speaking of sticking one's nose into blossoms and sipping nectar... This bumble bee is taking full advantage of a red buckeye flower.

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