Sunday, June 18, 2017

Battle of the Oranges

Baloo and I have witnessed some altercations between various birds as we meander along our way.

Robin (left), Baltimore Oriole (right) 

I have observed that robins can be pretty territorial birds, but the Baltimore oriole can be just as fierce, as it turns out. In fact, the oriole was aggressively rousting the robin out of the trees and chasing it around the field relentlessly, even though he was the smaller bird.

Of course, those dads have a good reason to protect their territories, since they're in the middle of raising their little families. This nest full of baby robins is carefully tucked up into the corner of a play structure at Old Mission Congregational Church. The children discovered the nestlings while playing before services started. They wondered why they were getting scolded by the unhappy parents and found the reason (they made a sign to warn people that the birds were there, so they could grow up and fledge in peace - and the parents could relax a little, too)!

Happy Father's Day!

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