Monday, June 5, 2017

In the Pink

On that same evening walk Baloo and I took the other day, I found myself thinking about my mother. Two of her favorite wildflowers were blooming and she would have been delighted to meander along the trails to admire them.

The pink lady's slipper is very fussy about where it grows, so anywhere that it can flourish is automatically pretty special in my book. I probably should have gotten a close up of the flower, itself.  Hmmm...  Maybe we will have to go back and remedy that oversight.  Oh, darn!  Another nature walk to take - poor me.

The fringed polygala may be a tiny little flower, but it is so unusual it doesn't need size to stand out as the beauty it is.

More lovely spring flowers were blooming along the trails and I took some pictures of them, too, but they weren't pink. I'll just have to save them for another day.

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