Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Happy Anniversary Celebration!

As amazing as it is to imagine, Baloo and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary together. It was on this day, just after I got off work on a Friday afternoon, when the folks from Second Chance called me with an emergency request to foster a dog that would otherwise be 15 minutes from its final walk down the hall at the Humane Society. I could not possibly refuse. 

Enter Baloo! I wasn't sure I would be able to handle him when he arrived at my house an hour or so later, having taken three people, forty minutes, a cup of peanut butter and a muzzle to get him into the car to transport him.

By the time he got over heartworms, neutering, near starvation, fear of getting into cars and a few other issues, we'd become bonded and he'd completely wiggled his little way into my heart. So, he became my "foster failure" - I adopted him, myself.

There have been a few health scares with him since the early days, too, but he's doing so well now (quick! where's some wood to knock on??).

I took these pictures of him yesterday afternoon toward the end of our afternoon outing. There were some lovely spirea blooms and iris to set off his furry little self. He caught a sniff of something interesting just as I snapped this picture - there's a little blur on the muzzle, but that's just who he is. He sees the world through his nose! I enrolled him in Darwin's Dogs and they think he'd be a good tracking dog and I totally agree.

So, we're celebrating our anniversary all day today. He's getting a bone that I filled with turkey and rice and put into the freezer so that it will provide both treat and entertainment. We'll find nice walks to take and games to play (so, yep, pretty much like most other days...). See? We're a perfect match - I'm just as silly as he is!


Okie Dog said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you!!! Woo Hoo! Hope it was an especially great day! Good to be able to read of your adventures once again.
Okie Dog/Cheryll

Anonymous said...

This is the best! Thanks for letting us join in the celebration :)
Team Awesome Pants/Lynn

Webfoot said...

Thanks for the kind comments and good wishes! Baloo and I appreciate them a lot. :)