Monday, April 2, 2018

Ice Islands

As the spring thaw continues along the shore, large, angular chunks of ice break off (this gives a pretty good idea of how those big blocks of ice get piled up on the shore - all we'd need now is a good wind and some waves). 

Currents pull these free-floating ice slabs out into the bay, where they float in long lines, like nomadic archipelagoes. 

Depending on the wind direction and water currents, groups of ice chunks can be on the east shore one day and on the west the next, once they're free from the main mass of ice. 

Along the way, ducks and seagulls take advantage of the moving islands as roosting and resting places.

In the center right of the picture above, you can see a gull taking off from the ice island. 

Here, on the far left of the picture, another is coming in for a landing on a different, and still well populated isle. 

So, the gulls are back, the ducks are migrating, I saw the first meadowlark in the field and the goldfinches are getting their patchy harlequin look. It may not feel much like spring has arrived to the human contingent, but nature's denizens know the changing of the seasons, in spite of what the thermometer says. Take heart! Warmth is on the way. 

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