Saturday, September 10, 2016

Summer Snowflakes

While walking with Baloo along one of our favorite trails, I started really noticing the Queen Anne's Lace blooming all around us. These wild carrots are often classified as 'noxious weeds', but since they weren't taking over a farm field I was able to appreciate a different dimension of these abundant wildflowers (invaders, though they are).

As I observed their blossoms, it struck me that, not unlike snowflakes, each of the flowers had a slightly different pattern to it.

Some very open and lacy, while others were more dense or even had sort of spiral effects going on in the petal arrangements.

Some were flat and others were dome shaped.

All of them stood out brightly against the green of the the field looking a bit like snowflakes balanced atop long stems. The effect was quite pleasing.


Goofy girl said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!!

Webfoot said...

Thanks, Goofy girl! I'm glad you liked the lacy, heat resistant snow. :)