Friday, September 16, 2016

Cosmic Finches

The cosmos in my back garden are flourishing in a big way this year.  I keep finding volunteers sprouting in my yard, so I pull them up and transplant them into the garden bed. So far, every one of the transplants has taken.

When I looked out the back window, I saw this lovely lady enjoying the seeds on the flowers that had finished blooming.

Her mate joined her in foraging and I thought that the combination of pinks and yellows was delightful.

She might not be as dramatic as he is with respect to color, but she had a greenish tint that made her almost disappear in the foliage. Subtle is beautiful, too!

The pair would land on the stalks and their weight would bend the plants so that they had to keep fluttering around to get to the seeds they wanted to munch.

I obviously had fun watching them for quite a while.

And as a special treat, I was finally able to catch them together. 

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