Monday, September 5, 2016

Random Wanderings

Totally random as far as the pictures go...  But, it is actually a window into the routine of many days. Baloo and I wander around looking at things a lot!

Both the bluebird boxes in my back yard ended up housing families of chickadees this year. I often eat my meals out on the back deck and I have enjoyed watching several nestings and lots of comings and goings as busy parents went about the business of raising their youngsters. This one is emerging from the box with its face stuffed with something. Perhaps a little housecleaning? 

There's a pond on the way to one of Baloo's favorite walks that hosted several families this year. Madame Wood Duck, for example, raised a lovely brood.  They were so fast darting around her that I felt lucky to catch two of the little darlings in the picture with their far more sedate mother.

Watching the changing skies over the water is always a delight. Baloo always requests - no, wait - that should be demands a sunset walk every evening. I have to appreciate the fact that he rousts me out from whatever I'm doing to enjoy the ever changing light show!

You can tell that this one is still from early spring, since the trees haven't leafed out completely. It almost looks like the house is on fire with the sun setting behind it so brilliantly. 

Finally, we return home to rest - or maybe hope for a little play time.

Happy Labor Day to all!  :)

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