Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fire in the Sky

I have Baloo to thank for taking me on many amazing walks. He has an uncanny sense of timing, particularly when it comes to sunset strolls. 

One moment, he'll be happily snoozing on the couch (yes, he's allowed on the furniture...) and the next he is insisting that it's time to hit the trail.

This sudden desire for perambulation happens almost every day at sunset.

One recent evening, we walked along the road by the shore and watched the sun sink closer to the horizon.

The sky just kept getting more dramatic.

And we ended up with this. No, there is absolutely no color enhancement at all involved in this picture. I took it vertically rather than horizontally like the rest, because the fiery orange rose high into the sky with the blue-gray clouds adding their own intensity to the light show and I wanted to capture both.

So, thanks, Baloo, for making me go enjoy another beautiful sunset!

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