Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two Generations - Birds and Beasts

Sweetpea, as I have dubbed the matriarch of the little herd in my back woods, had triplets this year!  Either that, or she adopted someone's abandoned or orphaned youngster.  The fawns have started to lose their spots and the fawn color is showing through the bright white that they started with. The smallest of the three was particularly alert to my movements and was starting to raise her tail in alarm.  You can see that she was also raising her front leg to stomp at me and let me know I had been busted.  Cuties!!

I usually see the does wandering around with their fawns from time to time, and more frequently as the season progresses, but it was a particular treat when Jenny Hen came by to show off the young poult she managed to rear, in spite of coyote packs and fox families - not to mention raccoons, opossums, hawks and other predators (okay, so I mentioned them).  Well done, mom!!  

 It was amazingly hard to get a picture of these two that wasn't a complete blur.  The little one was lightning fast, picking up every stray sunflower seed it could find before somebody else could nab it!  Bugs beware! 


Okie Dog said...

Is Jenny Hen a turkey? Great pictures!

Webfoot said...

Yes, Okie Dog. Jenny Hen is a wild turkey. And thanks! I'm glad you like the pictures. :)