Monday, September 9, 2013

Critter Reports

I don't have a new photo of the Lucky Chicken, since my brother hasn't had a chance to send one to me, but she has made a pretty thorough recovery and has lived to moult her remaining feathers all over the floor and grow a whole new set of them.  Go Chicken!!  

As for Baloo, keep your fingers crossed for him.  He's having blood tests this morning to see if he has to have two more heartworm treatments (Nnnoooooooooo!), or if he's in the clear.  I'm really, really ready for him to be given the clean bill of health so that I can let him have more fun - and I'm sure he is more than ready, too!  

I just love this picture of Baloo - I don't know if I'll be able to get it right or not, but I am going to have to try carving that big old foot of his (the nose, too, of course).  Look for it on an upcoming Stampeaz invoice, if I'm successful!  :)   


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Baloo! And thanks for the great news about the chicken. She is one tough little bird!

Anonymous said...

I love the chicken! More chicken news, please.