Thursday, September 12, 2013

He Flunked!

After all the treatments, care and convalescence, Baloo flunked his heartworm test.  Can you sense the frustration and discouragement???  

The good news is that there are no longer any baby heartworms floating around in his blood.  The bad news is that there is still a fairly large load of adult heartworms.  On the slim chance that we are seeing a false positive result due to decomposing worms in his system throwing off the antigen the blood test looks for, we're going to wait a while and retest again before subjecting him to a double-whammy treatment of extreme horribleness.  

We'll just have to study  and "bone up" a lot harder to be ready for the next one!!  


Anonymous said...

Ugh! So sorry! Poor doggy!

FloridaFour said...

That was me, signed as anonymous by mistake!

Okie Dog said...

Oh, so sorry. Hoping for the best.

Webfoot said...

Thanks! It is a bummer. This means he can't play with the other dogs and has to stay calm - we were hoping he'd be able to romp when the weather turned nice. We're going to just keep on walking. And I'll be looking for cool new places to go and roam. Maybe even hunt for letterboxes, once the ticks settle down. :)