Friday, September 13, 2013

No Egrets...

Baloo and I have been getting up early for our main walk of the day, since it has been so hot and humid.  He wilts in the sun later in the day and it's not good for him to get too hot and bothered.  So, I've been bundling him into the car and going off to the wetlands area not very far from the house to take him adventuring.  

Baloo loves to explore the new territory and I love watching the migrating shorebirds that have stopped off for rest and refueling.  The wetlands aren't as wet as usual (although they're much better than last year, when there wasn't anything but a little mud left by the end of the summer), but there still seems to be plenty of good fishing available.    

There are herons, ducks, geese, terns and other shorebirds (and songbirds) taking advantage of this little rest area - but there really are no egrets.  I thought I would share my favorite pictures over the next few days. 

There are dozens of great blue herons and little green herons wading in the shallows.  I was trying to get some good pictures showing off their mirrored reflections as they  patiently stood awaiting breakfast delivery.

Today, it's all herons, all the time.  I'll post pictures of some of the other birds (and other creatures, as well), but don't be surprised to see more of these excellent fishers.  They're so much fun to watch and try and capture in their various poses that I expect to have a lot of tries before they fly on to their next stopover!!  :) 

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