Saturday, September 14, 2013

For the Turtle Lovers

Once again this year, I have quite a few regular turtle visitors.  This is one that I recognize from last year.  She came around daily and you saw her featured with watermelon several times during the long, dry summer.  This year, she is enjoying peaches.  The peach crop has been pretty good and I've been able to get hail damaged 'seconds' for a really reasonable price.  (The turtles and I don't care if the peach has a blemish here or there...)

I saw her foraging in the back yard for something tasty (and wet), so I went out and offered her part of a peach I was slicing up to have with my breakfast.  She immediately turned toward me and started marching my way with purposeful little strides.  

She thought the peach looked and smelled pretty good.  

So, she nabbed it! 

Then, she marched away to enjoy her prize.   

Yes, she did get more than one little piece of peach!!  :) 


Anonymous said...

What a great series of pics of your super confident MsTurtle. :) Will let the Ohio people in on the blog additions.


Anonymous said...

Aww how cute! Sweet little turtle

Kurous Jo said...

Oh how lucky you are to get turtle visitors. Neat!!