Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Signs of Fall

Of course, the leaves have been making a fabulous show, but there are other signs of autumn along our walks. 

The grapes in the vineyards near our home are being harvested - they're big and beautiful and the area wineries are going to be busy with them, creating new vintages. 

The herons have been migrating south and they stop by the shore of the bay to do a little fishing as they rest their wings and refuel for the next stage of their journey. 

Mountain ash trees are loaded with berries. Interestingly, some trees get eaten clean by migrating robins and other fruit loving birds in October and November, while other trees get left alone until February, when the cedar waxwings fly through in large flocks and take advantage of any berries or crab apples they can find. I don't know what the difference is, but I'm glad there's something for the waxwings - they're such delightful birds to watch performing acrobatics as they forage among the branches and I'd hate to see them go hungry.

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