Friday, November 3, 2017

Giving in to Temptation

I know that it's a little bit overdone at this time of year, but I just couldn't resist sharing a few photos of the beautiful fall colors. 

The tree in the foreground captured my eye as I was taking a morning walk with Baloo. The trees around it were beautiful, too, but I just loved the green with the red tips and highlights. That almost sounds like a hairstyle, doesn't it? 

As a storm rolled in, the gray clouds provided a great backdrop for the rays of sun shining on the small, yellow shrubs that almost looked like they were lit from within. 

Finally, this was the view as we walked back toward home. That lovely maple tree turning red on the top is in my front yard. Lucky me!


lou p otter said...

sitting here in northern VT, some maples have yet to turn.
most trees just shriveled and dropped.
THANKS! I needed to see some color this year.

zess the treehuggers said...