Saturday, November 4, 2017

Autumn Olive

Invasive plants can be seriously evil (I don't know, like kudzu, maybe?) - or they can have some redeeming characteristics to love in spite of their exotic and alien natures. 

For example, for years autumn olives were touted as great cover and food for birds, with scientists and conservationists suggesting that we plant them. Then, these treacherous bushes started spreading in their attempt at world domination and were redefined as evil invaders that should be eradicated whenever possible.

But, they do still provide cover, nesting spots and food for hungry birds preparing for winter or fuel for those traveling south to warmer climes. Deer, field mice, rabbits and other furry critters also enjoy their fruits. (As you can see, even Baloo loves these juicy little morsels and he happily trots from bush to bush gleaning what he can from the lower branches - while I munch a few from the upper ones.)

The fruits from these environmental experiments gone wrong also make fine jam. 

Take a little autumn olive jam, add some hot sauce and spread it over a block of cream cheese before slathering it on a cracker for a delicious appetizer. Yum!

So, just as our mothers always told us, there is some good in the worst of us!

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