Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Seagull Snacking at Sunset

 No, not snacking *on* seagulls but snacking *of* seagulls. 

One lovely evening, while taking Baloo for his customary sunset walk, I noticed a large colony of seagulls (yes, as you have probably guessed if you have read much of my ramblings, I am a bit of a word nerd and that's actually the proper name for a group of these birds, not flock) wheeling and swooping around and around just over the tops of the trees. You can see them as specks against the glowing yellow clouds in the picture above.

I tried to figure out what was going on and finally decided that there had been a hatch of some delicious seagull snack with wings - I couldn't see what variety of flying insect they were feasting upon, but they were very happy with the evening's gastronomic delights.  I got the best zoom I could, given the lighting conditions - it doesn't begin to capture the magnitude of the enthusiasm nor the extent of the colony. 

I enjoyed watching their acrobatics while Baloo kept his nose pointing toward earth as he looked for bunnies and ground squirrels.

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