Thursday, May 12, 2016

Swan Lake

The road that leads to what my family calls the "skunk entrance" (that's another story for another day) to the park at the end of the peninsula goes past a shallowish lake that has marshy areas along its edges. Frogs sing, muskrats swim, ducks dabble and swans do ballet. 

Here, a beautiful mute swan begins to execute a graceful arabesque.

Balance and extend.....  You can just see the webbed foot peeking out from under the wing as the stretch reaches full extension.  Any ballet instructor would be proud.    

Baloo and I saw this pair feeding in the bay as we took our sunset walk. More swans will appear in later posts on - Baloo and I were entertained by other large, white birds on a couple other occasions.  I just don't have the photos downloaded from the camera and prepared for posting yet.  

I know - the same creatures appear again and again.  What we see is what you get - it's the luck of the draw on our outings.  :)

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lou p otter said...

We were at Mine Falls Park in Nashua last weekend. We were lucky to see four swans in flight. Thank you for reminding me.