Friday, May 6, 2016

No Further than My Own Back Yard

Or my sister's back yard, in this case...

There are several feeders and lots of good cover right behind my sister's house.  (Yes, my whole family feeds and watches the birds - it's excellent entertainment.)  This jaunty song sparrow enthusiastically scratched around in the seed husk pile under one of the feeders to see what goodies were left there - or what bugs might be hidden below the shells.

Isn't that an earnest little face?  It's a really nice look at all the feather markings for this sparrow, too.  

And speaking of earnest faces - this nervous vole would venture out of its hole to search for forgotten seeds, only to dart back in at the blink of an eye. I love the bristle of whiskers and the intense button eyes.  It was not alone - you could see the ivy leaves quiver as furry friends nosed around looking for tasty tidbits.  

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