Monday, May 2, 2016

Spoiler Alert - May Stampeaz Invoice Image

Since these posts seem to be so popular, I decided to spoil the surprise all over again for those who like to have a sneak peek.  There are a lot of you peekers, as it turns out!  

The merry month of May is morel month in Michigan. I thought that it would be fun and completely appropriate to commemorate the season by using these delicious beauties as the Stampeaz invoice image for the month.  

As has been the case the last two months, this carving is a little larger and will be coming as a separate card, which people seem to like also. It is carved on OZ Kut with a #1 gouge and printed with Brilliance Pearlescent Rust Ink on either index or cover stock - the paper got separated with its package and I'm not entirely sure which one it is. 

So, now on with a even more verbiage, since I want you to be able to turn back, just in case you think better of spoiling the surprise in your package.  :)  

My family has been hunting these wily little mushrooms since I was a small child with short legs and a different angle of approach to the ground.  It was fun to be able to spot specimens that the adults at their higher vantage could not see. This is true - my sister, brother and I have taken children out and they do a good job finding hidden fungus. I wonder if it's the recent Easter egg hunting experiences that keeps them well honed in the art of discovery. 

One of the really good things about seeking this particular species with children or new hunters is that it is pretty difficult to make a mistake with this distinctive mushroom. The extremely wrinkly hills and valleys on the cap are unlike most other species and the way the stem attaches directly to that cap differentiates it from the possible imposters. Thus, it's a great beginner fungus - not the one that I began with, but pretty close.  My first mushroom is still a favorite and is another story for another day. 

So, that should be enough extra words to keep any accidental peeks at bay and this is the image you will receive if you place your order in May. Do be aware, though, that shipping during this month is sporadic, as I spend more time out in the woods than in the studio or packing room, so be patient with slow turnaround times.  Thanks!   

Morchella Esculenta


penfeather said...

I'm soooo jealous. I love mushrooms, but haven't been able to find anybody to show me the ropes. I don't hunt for mushrooms myself, for fear of poisoning myself. I've never even tried a morel. *le sigh*

Anonymous said...

The ropes are a little different for each type of mushroom with respect to time of year and the environment that they like. Mushroom hunters can be pretty careful about sharing their happy hunting grounds. My family has closely guarded the location of the area we've called 'puff ball flats' since I was a child (a good bloom is a rare and wonderful thing). It's like asking an avid fly fisher about favorite fishing spots - they just tend to give you the fish eye. ;)
We do take others out and share our knowledge from time to time, though. We're just careful about who we trust with our best spots! (grin) Morels are a great beginner fungus, though.

I hope you find someone local to your area to help you get started - have you checked with an extension program? They sometimes have mycology field trips and experts to give you a boost of confidence.

Happy hunting!