Friday, May 13, 2016

Pileated Courtship Dance

The rewards for getting out early every morning to walk the dog are countless. The wonder of seeing a pair of pileated woodpeckers engaged in an elaborate courtship dance was a simply magnificent example.

The choreography was quite something. First, they'd stand tall while facing each other.

Then, bow low and start the process of circling around each other.

Making a full turn, just like a courtly English country dance, passing left shoulders on the first figure.

Then, they sort of moved low and turned back around so they were once again facing each other.

And the figure would begin again.  Stand tall,...

...bow to your partner,...

...pass right shoulders this time and turn a full circle.

I feel so fortunate to have witnessed this display - it's probably one of those once in a lifetime experiences. 

Then again, there's always something wonderful to see, if I just keep my eyes open.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! You are so blessed to see such a thing! And thank you for sharing with us. BetsyLee

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thank you :)