Thursday, July 13, 2017

Small Wonders

Sometimes, tiny things are overlooked, as they are overshadowed by larger and flashier things. I thought it would be nice to highlight a couple of them.

The tiny (about 1/8 inch across) blue toadflax flower perches atop a threadlike stem that is only an inch or two tall. This specimen bravely stood in a dry, sandy field and I wondered at its tenacity.

Sometimes, when I'm looking at one thing, I find something else entirely. While trying to get a nice closeup of the vetch flowers, I spotted a bright (spotted) ladybug standing out against the greens and purples. 

This little snail caught my eye as Baloo was sniffing around the trunk of the tree it was on. It would have been easy to miss, since the mostly gray coloring matches the bark of the tree so well. Intricate spiraling detail on a shell that was no bigger than my thumbnail was its own natural wonder.

Unlike many of the creatures I try to photograph, the snail stayed put long enough for me to zoom in and focus. Birds, beasts and bugs are not usually so cooperative.

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Grrly Girl said...

What did the snail say as he was riding on the back of a tortoise?