Saturday, July 1, 2017

Another New Aquaintance

These really striking yellow flowers have been blooming in the meadows where I wander with Baloo.

They open in the morning and close up tight before sunset. I had to do a little research in my wildflower book, since I hadn't been formally introduced. I was struck by their unusual name. 

They are called yellow goats-beard. I didn't see any resemblance to goats or beards and wondered how they came by their name - I couldn't locate any lore to enlighten me on that particular point.

Then they started doing this. The almost metallic bronze color of the giant dandelion-like seed head is quite something when the sun shines on it. The picture doesn't begin to do the color justice. The other thing that is only hinted at in the photo is the geometric effect created by the arrangement of the seeds, which is very interesting and varied, depending on the angle you choose to view it from. So perhaps the fuzzy globe is the source of the goats-beard moniker - I suppose it makes as much sense as anything. 

It was fun to meet this new plant and once again, I learned something new!

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Anonymous said...

I love these, they grow in the flower bed at work of all places, and while they look like a weed I let them go due to the lovely flowers and beautiful white puffs they become. Thanks for giving them a name, don't believe I have tried to identify them before.