Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Bee's Knees

I noticed some new, pastel boxes perched around the far side of an orchard that's visible from one of the walking trails that Baloo and I frequent in the afternoons. They hadn't been there on our previous visit, so I zoomed in with my trusty little camera to take a closer look. 

What reminded me a bit of the rows of houses I had seen along the shores of  Welsh seaside villages (they're all painted in different colors, too) turned out to be hives of bees brought in to pollinate the fruit trees that were coming into bloom.

I tried to get an even closer peek with the zoom lens and saw that they were all set up on blocks in a very neat line all along the orchard edge looking quite picturesque.  

Let's hope that the late freeze didn't damage the cherry blossoms and spoil all the hard work the bees were doing to bring us fruit!

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Trishee said...

I LOVE this. Three cheers to pollination :)