Friday, May 12, 2017

Some Bunny Actually Missed Me!

Would you believe that I heard from somebody who said she missed my pictures and ramblings?  Thank you for that - it's hard to know if anybody looks at this little self-indulgent undertaking, so I occasionally lapse in posting efforts, if life gets a little hectic.  

Speaking (as in the title) of bunnies, Baloo and I saw this charmer browsing on fresh green things and basking in a cheerful ray of sunshine. 

This single sunbeam filtered through a dense wall of arbor vitae to warm our furry friend who stayed right in the light to take full advantage of the radiant warmth.

Naturally, Baloo wanted to become much more closely acquainted with the bunny, but he did a really good job of sitting and watching while I took pictures. Admirable restraint!

Eventually, our star attraction hopped out of the spotlight and on its merry way - and while some bunny missed us and our picture taking ways, I don't think this critter will.  Even as well as Baloo behaved, having him watch so avidly must have made for nervous nibbling.  

1 comment:

Grrly Girl said...

I consider it a good walk to work when i see both a bunny (or two or three!) and a full moon.
Mind you, this is in a fairly urban part of town, not out in the country.
I too have missed you and your photo musings.