Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wings of Winter - Part 1

It has been warm enough this winter that seagulls are still in the area. Last year, they were long gone and the bay was well on the way to being frozen over.  I remember seeing the first gull returning around the middle of March and being surprised at its call, since I hadn't heard one in months. 

These birds are hanging around a nearby harbor where the slushy snow and ice have pushed to shore.  

It's hard to get good pictures of juncos, but I keep trying.  They don't stay still very long and they are quite shy of people, unlike chickadees!  This one is in the ornamental apple tree just outside my window.  He's awaiting his turn at the feeder.   Can you believe there are still apples?  The finches have been working on them, but most seem to be favoring the sunflower hearts and peanut butter for now.  

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