Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thanks and Colors and Crows

First of all and most importantly, let me thank all veterans for their service and sacrifice on this Veterans' Day.  You are awesome - and much appreciated!  Thank you for protecting the land that I love and that I love to explore every day.  

This lovely maple stands in the middle of the park where Baloo and I walk nearly every morning.  I thought the contrast of the reds, yellows and greens all together was quite delightful.  

The wonderful deep green of the pines make a beautiful contrast with the bright deciduous trees.   

The crows make their flight to and from the peninsula from their island rookery on a daily basis.  They start to gather for the trip home just before the sun goes down and try to find the easiest route, given their careful calculation of prevailing winds and distance.  

Finally, Baloo waits (not so) patiently for his supper after our afternoon walk.  The poor puppy is starving, of course.

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